CLSG students talking outside


So much of what good education represents goes beyond subject-specific learning. At City, we focus intently on enabling students to flourish: to enjoy positive emotions and develop positive relationships, experience engagement with the many aspects of their burgeoning lives, find meaning in what they do and celebrate their and others’ accomplishments.

The broadest aim of our close focus on positive psychology and coaching is to support students to become young women ready to occupy a place in the world with confidence. Our programme operates across all years, and is divided into four parallel themes: Inner strength, Social and emotional intelligence, Positivity, and Integrity. Students come to know that they have a great amount control over their actions and decisions. This supports them to be resilient in the face of the challenges they encounter and allows them to be flexible in how they respond.

They understand the importance of emotional intelligence: of being good listeners and routinely demonstrating the empathy that lies at the heart of a dynamic and inclusive community. They can find joy in celebrating their and others’ achievements and savour the rich and diverse lives they lead in an appreciative fashion. They come to understand their own unique core values and signature strengths that underpin the integrity with which they approach their lives.

Our Staff

Julian Murray, MA (Oxon)
Teacher of History; Head of Coaching
Kelly Dais-Patterson, BA (Kent)
Design & Technology Technician; Coaching Facilitator
Katie Khosla, BA (Brighton)
Assistant Head of Senior School; Teacher of PE
Eleanor Perkins, BA (Leeds)
Head of Italian; Head of Careers
Bimba Kumarasinghe, BSc (Wellington), BCa (Wellington)
Teacher of Mathematics

Positive psychology and coaching feature as part of the circadian rhythms of the school. Key elements include a greater awareness of self and others, a focus on positivity and growth mindset and an understanding that students have a great deal of control over the decisions they take and the choices they make. Elements of positive psychology feature in PSHCE lessons throughout a student’s school career. From the very top downwards, a great majority of school staff including all pastoral staff have undertaken coaching training and a core quintet of qualified coaches lead these courses in-house, exporting their expertise to other schools.

The same level of coaching training is also offered to senior students so that they can provide leadership and support among the student body. Short courses of coaching training are provided as a general studies option to sixth formers in tandem with City of London School. Coaching trained staff are always available for one-to-one conversations as an additional service alongside the school counsellors, either for a quick chat or a more structured series of sessions. In such a dynamic and diverse community, having the skills and taking the time to listen closely to and support each other are part of what make CLSG a unique proposition.