Learning support

The learning support department at City aims to develop pupils’ learning styles and study skills. We want pupils to overcome challenges with confidence, and identify solutions that promote a positive learning environment from years 7-13.

Learning support at CLSG

Learning support is an important part of ensuring continued academic success at City. We find that our students benefit from developing skills such as time management, revision strategies and managing the build-up to exams. The study centre is available to all pupils throughout the school. Located on D floor, the centre is open from 8:30am until 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Pupils can see one of our specialist teachers either via a teacher referral or simply by coming to see us for an initial chat. Pupils are also encouraged to make use of the study skills clinic, which takes place every Thursday lunchtime.

The study centre offers support for developing strong study habits, including: the promotion of literacy skills, practice in proof reading, organisation, identification of learning style, revision skills, exam preparation, managing exam anxieties, motivation techniques and advice on communication and listening skills. The department keeps in regular contact with both tutors and subject teachers, as appropriate. The specialist teachers also offer advice to colleagues on how best to support a pupil within academic subject lessons.

Carolyn Brown, BEd (Nottingham)
Teacher of SEND
Carolyn Cole, BA (East Anglia), RSA Dip (London)
Assistant SEND Coodinator
Kathleen O’Connor, BS (Ulster), Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (London)
Head of SEND