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No problem is too small or too big. Counselling is an essential part of the school’s DNA, ensuring the students’ psychological health is nourished and supported throughout their time here at City.

Counselling at CLSG

The counselling department recognise the pressures experienced by high-achieving academic students and believe it is essential to complement their time here with both emotional and mental health support, ensuring their success.

We provide a free confidential counselling service which runs from Monday to Thursday. All students can self-refer and book sessions anytime via the portal online. Parents and teachers can refer students to the counselling service with the consent of the student. The school counsellors try to accommodate the students’ academic diary as much as possible, and ensure they do not miss class, providing sessions in lunch breaks before and after school if needed. Students are welcome to bring friends if they initially feel too nervous to attend alone. Counsellors will meet with parents and daughters together when requested by the student or recommended by her counsellor.

Our Staff

Christine Nancarrow, BA (Victoria), PGDip SW (Victoria), BABCP accredited, MSc (Goldsmiths), Dip (Centre for Stress Management)
Senior School Counsellor
Celia Baines, Dip Psychodynamic, Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regent's), Dip Clinical Supervision (CPPD Counselling School), MBACP Accredited

Students can meet with the counsellor both individually or in groups. Both counsellors are qualified and offer extensive experience in solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, integrative and more long-term psychodynamic therapy. The counsellors provide support for families with the consent of the student. They recognise this is an essential part of the student’s wellbeing and the wider community at City. The counsellors also provide an online service on Teams, Teams Chat or Zoom for students. There is also an open-door service each day for students to drop-in without an appointment.

The difficulties faced by girls can come in many different forms and presenting issues such as:  depression, performance anxieties, self-worth, body image, eating disorders, sexuality, friendship/relationship dynamics, perfectionism and procrastination, bereavement and loss, self-harm, sleep hygiene, anger and secondary shame, social anxiety, race and racism, cultural identity, and inclusion. Counsellors run sessions for parents on attachment, loss and change within the context of their daughters’ developmental stage and the challenge of parenting.