Group photo of students from different houses

House system

The house system was introduced in 2000. There are four houses and each are represented by a different colour. Fleet (green), St Bride (yellow), Ward (red) and Tudor (blue).

When students arrive at City in year 7, every student is allocated to one of four houses: Fleet, St Bride, Ward or Tudor. You will also be given a house badge and a house t-shirt – wear them with pride! Houses are run by students, for students. Being part of a house promotes a sense of belonging that transcends years and form groups. As a result, girls often form friendships with pupils in older or younger years that are consolidated during weekly house meetings and regular events throughout term time. Teachers are also allocated houses and each house has a dedicated coordinator to ensure the smooth running of events.

When girls reach years 10, 11 and 12 they are able to stand for leadership positions as senior officers or junior officers. Officers oversee the organisation of all events. A spirit of fun and healthy competition is promoted and events are designed to include everyone – even teachers! At City we are lucky to have external guests who are invited to adjudicate house debating, music and drama competitions.

The school year is punctuated by events that offers something for everyone. If music or debating or sport is not your thing, why not represent your house in chess, quizzes, drama or fundraising for charity?

Fleet is on a roll. Winners of the house cup in 2016, 2018, and 2019, Fleet is the house to beat. Most recently, in 2023, Fleet managed to achieve an overall win for sports day! The green team also have an impressive record in raising money for charity. In previous years, Fleet has raised funds for COSMIC which supports the children in the intensive care units at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

Named after St Bride’s Church on Fleet Street, this house is known for its infectious house spirit. The house’s colour is yellow – sunny and optimistic for next year’s victory! The house captain team work hard to ensure every Thursday morning assembly is something to look forward to.

This successful house is named after City’s founder, William Ward, a philanthropist and entrepreneur who bequeathed a large sum of money towards the running of this very girls’ school. Ward excel in debating, maths and inter-house chess and hold the greatest number of house trophies!

Tudor – or the Tudorians – pride themselves on their intellectual strength as the blue house storms to victory in House Quiz and House Debating competitions. Enthusiastic support from girls in Tudor ensures that fundraising for causes chosen by the House is always well supported. Last year, Tudor implemented its own family system within the house to make sure that no one is left out.