In biology we aim to excite and inspire our students' interest in the natural world, described by Sir David Attenborough as 'the greatest source of intellectual interest'.

Biology at City

Biology is a subject that stimulates a spirit of enquiry, equipping students with valuable knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

Why study biology at City?

Biology students keenly engage with challenging and exciting questions about living organisms and their environments. Over the course of several years, students develop their skills in data analysis, critical evaluation and collaboration to deepen their understanding of the scientific process.

Biology at City is ever-evolving; we believe that students learn best by interrogating the latest research and evidence, whether that is found in peer-reviewed journals or deduced from experiments conducted in our very own labs. Students are also encouraged to consider wider ethical applications of biological innovations. For example, should embryonic stem cells or human-animal hybrid cells be used in medicine? Which genes should we test for in prenatal screening? Should vaccinations be compulsory? We aim to teach students how to evaluate, discuss and write about these issues with sensitivity and thought.

Our Staff

Nicola Brown, BSc (Edinburgh), MRes (Edinburgh)
Head of Biology
Jane Donald, BSc (Glasgow)
Teacher of Biology
Denis Leaker, BSc (Sussex)
Teacher of Biology; Duke of Edinburgh Assistant Coordinator
Rob McMillan, BSc (Southampton)
Teacher of Biology
William Tibbits, BSc (Edinburgh); MA (Exeter); PhD (UEA)
Teacher of Biology; STEM Higher Education Coordinator



"Taking biology at A level has been the best decision I have made this year. It is always interesting, the lessons are interactive and really challenge me to think"

Nadia, year 13

Beyond the curriculum

Students regularly attend lectures and conferences relating to biology. There is a great number to choose from in London and students make full use of these opportunities. There is a field course for Sixth Form students which takes place in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and this is an excellent opportunity to take part in original research on shore organisms.