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Physics is understood on both a practical and theoretical level which leads to a fascinating variation in our curriculum.

Physics at CLSG

Our ambition is help our students appreciate and question the way in which physics governs the world around us.

Why study Physics at CLSG?

Physics at City provides a supportive and stimulating environment where students can learn, investigate and marvel at the wonders of our physical world. We are extremely well-equipped with specialist laboratories and modern, technical equipment. Our teachers all share a life-long passion for one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines where the goal is to understand the behaviour of the universe.

The physics department provides a vibrant, interesting and enjoyable atmosphere for all students at all levels. The staff at City have great enthusiasm for the subject, hosting weekly co-curricular clubs and organising trips to the Large Hadron Collider. The spark of enthusiasm is immediately transmitted to lessons and students which makes physics an extremely successful subject throughout all of the year groups.

Our Staff

Mark Wilkinson, BSc (Nottingham)
Head of Physics
Victoria Bradford, MPhys (Oxon), MAppSc (Queensland)
Acting Head of Senior School; Teacher of Physics
Phil Clarkson, BSc (Manchester), MSc (Open)
Teacher of Physics; Examinations Officer
John Phelps, BSc (Exeter), PhD (Bristol), MA (Coventry)
teacher of physics
Sadia Tasnim, BSc (London)
Senior Lab Technician


Photo of a physics circuit

'I really appreciate the way City encourage girls to study physics. I can't wait to study it for another four years at university.'

Cecilia, year 13