CLSG students experimenting in a chemistry lab


We combine scholarly work with practical aspects to foster a love, and understanding for, chemistry.

Chemistry at City

Our chemistry department consists of specialist teachers and technicians who provide an enriched study of the science.

Why study chemistry at City?

We endeavour to provide a fresh approach to studying chemistry to make what can be a challenging subject accessible, interesting and relevant. Through regular hands-on experiments and demonstrations, we aim to enhance students’ understanding of the benefits that chemistry has brought to society and to the environment, whilst also appreciating its detrimental effects.

We provide regular opportunities for students to work collaboratively in practical work or on projects to foster a deep engagement with this complex and nuanced science. The department has a key focus on sustainability and the environment, and we oversee the school’s Plastic Action group and Sustainability Committee. We offer a weekly chemistry clinic where all teachers in the department are always on hand to offer help and answer any questions.

Our Staff

Tim Aldridge, MSc (Bristol)
Head of Chemistry
Georgie Hankinson, BSc (Staffordshire)
Head of Sixth Form; Teacher of Chemistry
Kay Hotchkiss, MChem (Oxon)
Assistant Head (Teaching, Learning and Research & Development); Teacher of Chemistry
Ajay Sethi
Teacher of Chemistry
Sadia Tasnim, BSc (London)
Senior Lab Technician


CLSG student working on a DT project

“I really enjoy learning chemistry at City - the lessons are always engaging and the teachers are really supportive. Although some topics may seem confusing at first, seeing the chemistry actually happen in front of you during practicals helps you understand how and why it’s happening.”

Riddhi, year 10

Beyond the curriculum

There are learning activities and competitions for chemists in all years. There is a science club for year 7, forensics workshop and Salters' Chemistry Festival in year 8, 'MUN-style’ Climate Conference for year 9; engagement with Plastic Action through studying polymers. Our sixth formers enter into annual competitions including the C3L6 Challenge, RSC School Analyst Competition, Armourers and Brasiers Materials Prize competition and RSC Chemistry Olympiad.

CLSG sixth formers in lesson