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Women in Engineering with Brown University

Group photo of CLSG girls at women in engineering event

The capstone for Brown's Women in Engineering year-long course is a group project where year 12 students conceive, research, and develop a prototype over two months.

The CLSG team used their engineering and CAD skills to design a shoe that collects energy from the impact of walking, calculating that a typical City student's daily steps could power a mobile phone for several hours. As Mrs Brown said, they took the 'idea of a carbon footprint, and ran with it'!

Professors' feedback described the innovative product and presentation as 'phenomenal' and what they would hope to see at the undergraduate level. Well done WiE students! For more information about the Women in Engineering course at CLSG, please see here.  Students in year 11 considering engineering are invited to apply for this course by Monday 5 June.