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Toronto exchange

Exchange students holding up flag and tshirt

In October the three of us went to Toronto for a two-week exchange.

We had the best time of our lives and would definitely recommend it for future year 9s. From meeting new people and going to a new school, all of it was really fun. Some highlights for us were the Raptors basketball game, the school cafeteria lunch, and getting soaked at Niagara Falls! Havergal College is an all girls school in North York, Toronto. When we were there, we participated in all of the lessons, including subjects we don’t have here, such as social science, digital wisdom and band. We also played a variety of sports, like ultimate frisbee, American football and soccer. When we arrived, our lovely families welcomed us with signs and made us feel at home. Our families were so thoughtful and kind and they did all they could to ensure that our stay was as exciting as possible. We loved every minute of it from the plane ride to our last meal and we wish we could relive it. Our favourite moments included being asked to say words (especially water) in British accents and trying cake pops in Starbucks.

- Erin, Poppy and Sophie, year 9