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The Children’s Hour 

CLSG students performing 'The Children's Hour'

This week saw year 13 A-Level Theatre Studies students performing their component 2 scripted piece, The Children's Hour by Lilian Hellman. The play follows two women in 1930s New England, USA, running a school for girls, whose lives are ruined by a malicious student spreading the lie that they are lovers. Lesbianism – even more so than male homosexuality – was still so taboo that the play was banned in London, as well as in Chicago and Boston. Under the direction of Mrs Mapstone, and with Tom Lynch's technical supervision, the students performed with nuance, subtlety, and deeply moving naturalism. Mrs Brown described it as 'an amazing, moving and fascinating piece', whilst another audience member generously offered their words of support with 'truly impressive performances, the acting, set, music, costume and direction took my breath!'. Congratulations to Mila, Lily, Kayla and Maia for such sophisticated and professional performances.