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Street Child Webinar: International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child

On Wednesday 14 October, the sixth form mission committee were invited to attend a webinar hosted by the charity about their work promoting child education across Africa and Asia. Appropriately enough, the webinar was held on International Day of the Girl Child and run by a panel of female leaders.

Sarika in year 13 commented that, "the talk was eye-opening and proves just how valuable donations to charities like Street Child are...We learnt about Street Child’s incredible work in Nigeria, where volunteer teachers are able to visit children and give lessons despite the closure of schools. In Nepal, meanwhile, girls have been taught how to report gender-based violence and exploitation, and several underage marriages have been successfully stopped by authorities. Finally, in Sierra Leone, social workers are raising awareness about how to stay safe from covid-19, and teaching children to make face masks."

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