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Year 7 & 8 Sports Challenges

CLSG students taking part in sports activities

All girls demonstrated enthusiasm, perseverance and an abundance of competitiveness with the aim of finishing as the number one form. A huge well done to all girls in year 7 & 8 but particularly to 7F and 8S who managed to come out on top, a great sign of things to come in future sports days for Fleet and St Bride

Two year 8 students, Izzy and Ashmika, gave us their perspective on the afternoon:
We were split into house teams and completed six challenges all together. These involved running, jumping, throwing, catching and the art of working together as a team. Our favourite activity was the throwing and catching game, where we were timed against the clock to see how long it would take to pass our ball around the circle. We enjoyed this immensely, as it was extremely funny whenever someone dropped the ball! But the main reason we enjoyed it was because of the interaction with our form and other forms in our year.

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