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Year 8 inter-class chemistry competition

Year 8s performing an experiment for chemistry competition

On Tuesday afternoon, 16 students from year 8 took part in the first ever CLSG inter-class chemistry competition. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Take Charge’ project is a global battery experiment where students from around the world learn about the basics of battery chemistry. They must then create the most high performing battery possible from a range of materials and chemicals.

Having been provided with a selection of metal coins and foils, along with cardboard disks and a selection of electrolytes, the students were taught to build a cell. They then had to experiment with different combinations of metals and electrolytes to produce the highest voltage. Congratulations to the team from 8S who worked methodically and logically to identify the best combination of metals and chemicals!

Another commendation was given to Eva from 8L who had done some outstanding A level quality research to prepare her for the competition.