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Year 10 enterprise project

Four students presenting their ideas to the class

A quarter of Year 10 have been working on real life work scenarios that have been developed by organisations from across a range of different sectors. In small groups, they work on these scenarios over the course of a half term and pitch their solutions, gaining valuable feedback from leading experts in the field. It provides a great opportunity to practice core transferable skills and give the students an insight into the world of work.

This half term, students worked on two briefs set by Parent Zone and Street Child focusing on a campaign for a new online safety tool for 8-13 year olds and the Sierra Leone Marathon. In the spring term they will be exploring briefs related to differentiating Spotify from its competitors through a marketing campaign and International Development focusing on global education with out-of-school girls and young women in Ghana. At the end of the programme, the students will have honed their skills further and reflected on their own progress at each stage.