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The return of our annual robotics competition!

CLSG students at robotics competition

Nearly two years have passed since the main hall last hosted the event that is accompanied by the whirring of gears, the whining of motors and the firing of game pieces across the stage. Yes, our annual robotics competition was back as we hosted the City of London VEX IQ Pitching In Competition. On Monday 31st January, twenty two teams of robots from 9 schools across London and the South East, gathered for a day of high tension robotics competition, involving over 140 students from years 7-9. The event was refereed and scored by our senior robotics team of Eleanor, Safiyya, Selina, Malaika and Kobika, who ensured the event ran smoothly, and ably assisted by our team of volunteers from our year 10 robotics teams.

CLSG were represented by four teams from years 7 and 9. After 99 separate heats and finals, the teams from Henrietta Barnet were crowned teamwork champions of the 2022 event.

However, our year 9 team the Purple Pizza Pigs, were rewarded with the coveted judge's award. Our congratulations go to Ada, Gwenny, Mila, Anna and Saskia. The robots will return to the stage in early March for the annual invitational event.