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CLSG barristers visit the Old Bailey

Group photo of CLSG students at the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court

On 26 January, three Year 13 students - Katharine, Nalini and Niamh - visited the Central Criminal Court for lunch.  Hosted by City of London Sheriff Nicholas Lyons and Alderman Robert Howard, the lunch included several judges who chatted to the students about their current cases.  For their part, our students were able to talk about their own experiences of advocacy in student mock trials and the Young Citizens competition.  After lunch, we had the chance to see a real case in action in the famous Court No.1 where the Rikki Neave case, much covered in the newspapers, was being heard.  Counsel cross-examined two witnesses whose respective testimonies were important in establishing a timeline of events.  It was intriguing to see the meticulousness of counsel's approach, especially in going through statements that were made in 1994.  We are indebted to the City of London for arranging this valuable opportunity for our students.