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‘Life After City’ Careers Talks

Screenshot of Zooms 'Life After City' careers talk

The three ‘Life After City’ talks which took place on 19 January provided inspiring and useful insights for our pupils, who were able to ask lots of questions. All the speakers were high flyers who have excelled in their fields. Lawyers Alison Gowman and Lynn Cooper highlighted the importance of the law when it comes to protecting personal freedoms, democracy and economic prosperity. They also addressed how laws constantly evolve to reflect the needs of ever-changing societies and gave advice on how City students can go on to support justice. Meanwhile, Farine Clarke spoke about how transferable skills have helped her during her eclectic portfolio career spanning medicine, journalism, management consultancy and most recently, as a playwright. Finally, the president of Estee Lauder UK, Sue Fox, gave pupils an in-depth insight into the beauty industry, illustrating how it encompasses so much more than simply selling lipstick!