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Speaking our language!

CLSG students teaching dance for MFL week

City's MFL week was truly enriching! All year 7 students took part in various activities which demonstrated just how languages learned at City can come to life. The main hall resounded with beautiful music, paired with the students Flamenco dancing to the beat... a real treat on a Monday morning. Students were also immersed in German virtual reality, and took part in an Italian quiz, testing their knowledge of Italy’s geography, food and culture. On a more calming note, they were taught Tai Chi, as well as creating pointillist paintings of the Eiffel Tower.

CLSG students taking part in a tai chi workshop for MFL week

The week progressed with an extremely successful bake-off competition that raised £110.53 for StreetChild. Students were asked to bake a cake from a country of their choice, and their creations were extremely impressive – notably, a cake shaped like the Eiffel Tower, and another shaped like a basket of steamed bao buns!

The fun continued with language workshops, where sixth formers shared presentations on their culture and countries. From talks about Cypriot food – which included tasting some traditional sweet treats – to dance lessons, it was lovely to see the students share aspects of their culture with one other as well as with their teachers.