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Remembrance Day History Competition

Lest we forget art watercolour

Remembrance Day History Competition

Our inaugural Remembrance Day History Competition has demonstrated the excellent talent we have within our Barbican walls! Pupils were tasked with creating their own idea of what the theme of Remembrance meant to them. There were submissions across the school in the form of poems, art, music and DT. The judges had a tough time in coming to a decision on the winning entries.

Congratulations to Lara and Maya in Year 7, Coco in Year 8, Sylvie in Year 10 and Isabel in Year 11 for their winning entries and I hope they enjoy spending their Waterstones vouchers!

We look forward to next year's entries already and please look out for the KS3 History Essay Competition that will be advertised at the end of this term. Please find the winning entries here for you to enjoy.

Mr Martyn


Lara, Year 7 | Guarding the Memories | Video | Art | Poem

Maya, Year 7 | Globe of Remembrance | Explanation | Video

Coco, Year 8 | Seeding Remembrance | Explanation | Art

Sylvie, Year 10 | Lest We Forgot | Explanation | Art

Isabel, Year 11 | Remembrance | Poem