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Sprites premieres at CLS

CLSG student in drama performance

Congratulations to the CLSG girls who performed with CLS boys in Sprites this week.

Sprites is a brand new musical - a sung-through prequel to Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, written and directed by CLS' own English teacher, Mr Norman!

Spurned by an austere father, pregnant Ananta flees to the woods where the sprites interweave their sagas with her dreams and nightmares. Fairy tricks flourished, while goblin egos were bruised, but Ananta ultimately found solace.

The cast took us on a journey of enchantment and trickery, of sympathy and seduction – a world rich with Puck’s ambitious machinations, Hobnob’s jealous rage and the magisterial feuding of Oberon and Titania.

Four lovely evenings were had by all present watching a mesmerising Marina (y12) who shared the stage with a beautifully graceful Farah (y13). Nishika (y8), Zoë (y9) and Sophie (y8) were gorgeously mischievous as the Sprites.