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Puffins in Wales!

Image of two puffins seen on a school biology trip to Wales

Last week, year 12 biologists embarked on a five-day adventure to Dale Fort in Wales where our studies on delicate ecosystems and statistical tests were brought to life. We delved into the world of zonation on rocky shores, investigating species distributions of fascinating creatures like barnacles and periwinkles. Racing against the high tide added an element of thrill to our exploration. Undeterred by the rain and slippery mud on Wednesday, we studied the changes in biodiversity with height on the saltmarsh. Thursday was undoubtedly the highlight, as we explored Skomer Island, treating us to breathtaking sights of seals basking on rocks and Manx Shearwaters gliding across the ocean. However, the real stars of the show were the adorable puffins. ‘Puffin’ compares to their charm!

Jaya, year 12
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