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Founders’ Day

Students at MOATfest 2023

On Wednesday 14th June, we celebrated our school’s foundation, the date of which fell exactly 129 years ago! Our founder, William Ward, who founded the school with a generous act of philanthropy, was baptised in St Giles' Church just next door to us stipulated that the school should ‘correspond as near as maybe to the City of London School’ and that any other female beneficiaries should be received ‘free from the control, debts or interference of their respective husbands' -  an early HeForShe indeed!  Equally, we celebrated 400 years since Shakespeare’s First Folio was published. Deemed one of the great literary wonders of the world, the really exciting thing for us is that the first editions were printed just across the water from us! We enjoyed some brilliant student-led Shakespeare excerpts, followed by a little improv and cake as a fitting celebration.

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