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Independent learning project

CLSG students taking part in Independent Learning Project workshop

Last Thursday, year 8 participated in an independent learning project day. Our job was to find a piece of music to fit with an extract of a short story by Sylvia Plath: Superman and Paula Brown's new snowsuit. We also had to complete a research log tracking our decisions and how we collaborated as a team. It was really helpful to hear from Myrtle in year 13 who had completed an EPQ on Plath’s latest biography.

We began by choosing our paragraph from the story, and we came across a paragraph we liked because of the pace and mood of it. We then proceeded to analyse that paragraph, and we came up with all sorts of things it could symbolise. We concluded that it was quite a dreamy/nostalgic piece, so we began our hunt for the music. We added a few dreamy songs, and then we added some songs of the era (1950s) to our list, and then we cut down to five.