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House drama gets five stars from Oscar winning director Tom Hooper

Screenshot of house drama YouTube video

Although prompted by adverse circumstances, the new format encouraged the pupils to think creatively and with ingenuity about how to deliver their stories. As a result, the finished products "far exceeded expectations", according to Mr Whyld, who insists that the pupils "triumphed" in the face of a difficult challenge.

Mr Whyld was not alone in this praise. Tom Hooper, who whipped out his own Oscar to deliver best film, was thoroughly impressed by the students' efforts, explaining that ‘"directing is all about living on the power of an imagined future" . In the end, St. Bride deservedly won the Best Overall Film award for their Wes Anderson inspired offering, summed up as "spectacular" by Mr Whyld, noting that the composition of their shots, the pace, and the design of the piece displayed professional level sophistication.

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