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Chicks at CLSG in incubator

Arguably the most exciting part of our week has been avidly watching the live stream of our new chicks from one of our laboratories!

On Monday, the Biology department took delivery of the latest members of their team: 10 unhatched but fertilised chicken eggs. We eagerly awaited the hatching and were finally rewarded on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning with a flurry of chicks! These eggs are supplied to us by a company who take great care to ensure that the chicks are kept safely and ethically, both while they are with us and once they leave in a couple of weeks. Once all of our eggs have hatched, the company will collect the chicks from us and ethically place them in free range farms and smallholdings across the country. None of these chicks will go to a commercial farm. To read more about the company's placement policy please click here.