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Gym and dance show

CLSG students performing at Gym and Dance showcase

This year’s Gym and Dance show was truly thrilling. Living up to its theme, it showcased dance from around the world, celebrating the diversity of our school community. There were dance performances from Poland, America, China, India, Greece and Sri Lanka, as well as many more. From the shimmering lights of Indian Bollywood to the elegant waves of the Chinese fans, the performances were outstanding. A huge thank you to Ms Khosla and Ms Robinson, as well as to the students involved, for choreographing these pieces. The show ended with a marvellous finale that included all dancers and gymnasts. Having a chance to dance in this biennial show was such a wonderful experience. We are so grateful to everyone on stage as well as behind the scenes who made this show such a success!

Aswanya, year 8

This year’s theme for Gym and Dance Show was L’Attitude. It incorporated of many unique and amazing dance styles. From Bollywood , Latin Dancing and HipHop ; we had it all. It was a tremendously engaging show and I felt so privileged to be a part of this year’s cast. All the students and staff worked extremely hard to help produce such a spectacular show. The wide variety of acts showed how diverse and incredible our school is. We got to embrace other cultures whilst also doing the things we were passionate about. It truly was an experience like no other and I can’t wait to be a part of the next one! Thank you so much to Ms Khosla for organising this show!
Ashmi, year 11