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German exchange to Trier

German foreign exchange students

A group of year 10 German students set off to Trier on an exchange for a week. We had the chance to participate in a range of exciting activities, such as a day trip to Luxembourg, visiting a history museum in Bonn and looking around Karl Marx’s house. Trier is an extremely historic city, so many of us found it interesting to see the old Roman gate ‘Porta Nigra’, the amphitheatre, and the beautiful cathedral. We then spent the weekend with our exchange families to get to know them better, and even tried some German speciality foods such as Schnitzel! One highlight for many of us was going to lessons in Germany to see what school is like for them. All in all, it was such a fun experience for us, giving us the chance to learn about German culture and improve our language skills! To see what we got up to, and hear why we would recommend the foreign exchange programme, follow this link to our video!

Matilda, year 10