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Everybody Frieze! Sixth form art trip

Group photo of students on art trip

On 14 October, sixth form art students took a trip to The Factory Project in East London, part of London's Frieze programme.

Year 12 Maisie noted that "it was so exciting to be on school trips again at long last" and explained, "The Factory Project took place in large warehouses and utilised the industrial landscape surrounding, it consisted of numerous spaces filled with art curated by varied curators based on different themes. We were free to roam around and discover sculptures at every corner. Due to the huge space available in the warehouses, many pieces were enormous. Billowing fabric sculptures stretched to the ceilings and skip waste containers were dotted around; each filled with a different style of sculpture, one held a giant sculpture of beef; one was transformed into a cluttered living room. We were given the opportunity to draw the sculptures that intrigued us the most and that related to the work we have been doing in our lessons."