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David Bodanis joins City@6 for a Q&A

Zoom call screenshot of David Bodanis' City@6 Talk

Best-selling author David Bodanis joined the online City@6 audience on Monday 11 October for a Q+A session riffing on latest book, 'The Art of Fairness'. In his book, David uses a range of examples from the world of politics, business, medicine and media to argue an answer to his title question: that you CAN succeed without being a terrible person (phew).

Taking questions first from History and Politics teacher Ms Lockyear, and then from the audience (via year 13 Ivanna), we heard about the research process and the extent to which the wonderfully diverse range of case studies, or the overall premise, dictated the direction of the book. He also discussed the phrase in the subtitle, ‘world turned mean’ and the extent to which the world might meaner now than it has been in the past, and how his writing has impacted his view of human nature. A recording of the talk is available on our City@6 YouTube playlist for anyone who missed it the first time around.

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