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Duke of Edinburgh awards success

CLSG student teaching swimming

Bronze award winner Meghan shares a bit more about her experience: "Over the past year, many year 10s have been completing their DofE bronze certificates, partaking in a physical, skill and volunteering activity once a week for three months and continuing with one of these sections for a further three months after that. Unfortunately, due to lockdown we were unable to complete the expedition part of the award but have luckily still been given the award for our efforts in the other three sections. I really enjoyed the bronze DofE because although it was a commitment, I learned lots of new skills that I would not have otherwise learned and I was particularly happy with the section where I volunteered at my old swim academy. I really felt like I was giving back to the community and it was very fun teaching younger children how to swim as it is such a vital skill. I would really recommend doing DofE to everyone and it has been a great experience even without the expedition!"

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