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Culture Mile project ‘Through our Eyes’

Collage of culture mile project 'Through our Eyes'

Last term our year 7s took part in a collective art project with the Culture Mile titled ‘Through our eyes’ which can now be viewed online here alongside a video explaining the project! Professional artist Lauren Veevers held workshops with over 800 students across the City of London who produced art works inspired by local buildings of personal significance. During the workshop, the classes explored different techniques in order to represent their chosen building; such as a collage, drawing or painting. They also did interesting exercises, such as drawing with their weakest hand, and from memory. She has since compiled the pieces to produce a digital map of London, creating a snapshot of the city from the perspective of the children that live there. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to work alongside a professional, and “connect to their local area, and the community that the school serves.” (Dr Anne Bamford OBE)