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Credit Suisse Inspire Challenge

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At the start of the summer a group of six sixth formers were joint winners of the Credit Suisse Inspire Challenge, which this year entailed devising a corporate fundraising strategy for Breast Cancer Awareness.

After brainstorming a variety of ideas for a charity event with the aim of maximising the amount of money that can be raised while minimising the overall cost, year 13s Ziyu, Aimee, Maranatha, and year 12s Eva and Samin decided on an escape room in which senior members of the company would have to navigate through a series of challenges in order to survive or (their words) "face dire consequences". They then presented this through an advert-style video and detailed presentation to senior members of the company. Eva found the whole process a "really fun experience".

For their efforts, the girls not only won a voucher each, but will also have their idea turned into reality to raise money for the charity!