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Black History Month

Black history month poster

Over the last two weeks, events have been taking place every day across the school to celebrate Black History Month. Miss Arif, our Assistant Head - Diversity and Inclusion, has organised an amazing programme of talks and workshops: from monologues and verbatim theatre on Monday lunchtimes, with thanks to Mrs Mapstone in Drama, to yesterday’s book club which focused on the idea of ‘belonging’.

Last Thursday we had the joint pleasure, shared with City of London Freemans, of inviting Hakim Adi, Professor of the History of Africa and the African Diaspora at the University of Chichester, to give a Q&A to students and staff. Professor Hakim discussed his experience of the evolving discipline of African Studies and how we can better teach and learn about the history of a diverse continent that is too often simplified into a single narrative. Students from across the school have organised and hosted subject workshops that have sought to amplify minority voices and ask challenging questions that we hope will continue conversations beyond this month. These included 'Why are so many of Africa's borders straight' in Geography to the question of whether we should learn about Philosophers who have expressed racist views.

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