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Design and technology

Our students solve real-world design problems in cutting-edge facilities.

Design and technology at City

The design and technology department galvanises students to produce imaginative yet applicable solutions to problems. We have embraced design and technology as a provision here at City with excellent facilities including 3D printers and laser-cutting facilities.

Why study design and technology at City?

Design and technology is a subject that plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives. With an emphasis on authentic practice, DT at City promotes creative invention and design innovation that solve real and relevant problems. We prepare learners to become critical and creative designers, engineers and consumers of the future.

Students are able to engage in a variety of contexts to understand and appreciate the design and manufacture of existing products, making them more empathetic designers and more discriminating purchasers. Students learn to deliver their thinking and design skills through iterative design processes that allow them to explore, create and evaluate their design concepts.

Our Staff

Luke Barker, BA (Brighton)
Head of Design and Technology
Rebecca Anstee, BA (Loughborough)
Teacher of Design and Technology; Assistant Head of Careers; Young Enterprise Coordinator
Michaela Chan, BA (Brighton)
Teacher of Design and Technology
Gary McDonald, BEd (Edinburgh)
Teacher of Design and Technology; Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Kelly Dais-Patterson, BA (Kent)
Design & Technology Technician; Coaching Facilitator



"The subject makes me think about the impact the products I use everyday have on the world and our environment."

Olivia, year 8

Beyond the curriculum

To enhance the learning experience of our students, enrichment trips and outings have included visits to the Design Museum and the V&A. Students studying GCSE and A level design, have attended external workshops, exhibitions and lectures from designers and engineers, such as Product Design in Action and New Designers. These develop skills and provide first-hand experience of higher education careers in relevant fields.