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The study of a classical language teaches students to solve problems, think precisely and communicate clearly.

Latin at City

The study of Latin, through the combination of language and literature, showcases the ancient glory and history that surrounds the ancient Roman civilisation.

Why study Latin at City?

Studying Latin at City takes us into the very heart of a great civilisation with a rich language, literature and history. We encourage our students to read works of ancient literature in the original.

Students enjoy the challenge and discipline of learning a highly inflected language. Latin is far from being a dead language: formal grammar and translation provides a key to many modern European languages that are studied alongside Classics.

Our Staff

Dominic Themistocleous, BA (Oxon)
Head of Classical Languages
Elly Nicoll, MA (Oxon), MA (London)
Head of Lower School; Teacher of Classical Languages
Camilla Williamson, BA (Cantab)
Teacher of Classical Languages


CLSG students in lesson

"Studying Greek and Latin is a perfect combination of language and literature with the added benefit of learning about great civilisations that influenced life today so much."

Jenny, year 12