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Year 9 visit the Black Country

CLSG Geography History Trip

The History and Geography department's joint visit to Carding Mill Valley and the Black County Museum in late September marked year 9's first-ever residential school trip! After a few hours on the coach (and much excitement over service station food options), year 9 arrived at Carding Mill Valley, a scenic expanse in the Shropshire Hills.

Matanhi and Ionna explained: "Each class started at a different site and measured the width, depth and velocity of the river. We trekked up the mountain, hauling bags of equipment. Despite the hike, the scenery was breath-taking!". After a well-deserved dinner, the pupils regrouped to map graphs of the river at the four sites and were then given the chance to explore the study centre and have a rather competitive game of foosball.

The following day the group headed to the magnificent Black Country Museum to learn about the Industrial Revolution. Highlights included a theatrical display of ironwork, a short film on the working conditions of industrial Britain, and, as the students were keen to point out, the fish and chip shop!

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