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Year 8 changes everything: news from the drama department

Zoom call screenshot

Balancing iPhones and iPads on cuddly toys and chairs, getting mums and dads to move couches and wardrobes, there has been some ingenious filming work. They have most definitely found their space to pioneer. We’re sure we are one of the first schools to try to film a full-length play online - if anyone knows of another school, please let us know so that they can give us tips!

In other drama news, a group of year 9 actors will recommence rehearsals for the RADA Shakespeare Awards at our new Saturday afternoon drama club. They will rehearse two contrasting Shakespeare speeches and perform them to RADA tutors at the end of April.

Finally, although the senior school production of The Tempest is on hold for the time being, an exciting 'making-of' documentary is being filmed under the direction of professional filmmaker, Michelle Tofi. More news on this, including details on the premiere, to follow!

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