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Turning the Tide(way): City girls in science

Photo of drawn science project idea for City girls in science

Year 8 Gwenhwyfar enjoyed this part of the day, expressing surprise at the tunnel's length - "a whopping 25km long!" - and explaining how "new sewers are needed now as our current system was built back in 1860 by Joseph Bazalgette and only had the capacity for 4 million people, a very small amount compared to the 8.5 million nowadays".

The students then put their engineering hats on to confront a water-based challenge: designing an environmentally-friendly water park and attempting to construct it using household materials. Amid many creative ideas, the Tideway judges declared three worthy winners: Weiting and Selvi's bucket feature with plants; Tallulah and Scarlett's slides and swings; and Ruby and Lucie's replica hydroelectric plant for children to learn about.

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