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Student leadership networking lunch

Students taking part in the student leadership networking lunch

We were delighted to host students from CLSG, CLS, Shoreditch Park and Highgate Hill for a leadership networking lunch to share experience and expertise in leadership.  Pupils worked in small groups to discuss the benefits and challenges they face and share the skills they are developing in their respective roles. This was especially interesting as pupils from Highgate Hill and Shoreditch Park are the first cohort of Year 12 in their new Sixth Form.

Feedback from the pupils shows the discussion revealed both similarities and differences; the challenges that are common to their different organisations or roles and how they approach these same issues in different ways. One pupil noted it was useful to ‘take ideas from other settings to see how we can apply them to our own’. This was hugely valuable and we hope to continue facilitating pupils meeting, sharing ideas and developing each other’s thinking at in-person events.

Some other pupil feedback from the event:

Today has been valuable because...

“We have learnt that different organisations tackle similar challenges”

“We explored the idea that not only is leadership beneficial for university applications, it is also useful for personal development”

“We had the opportunity to compare experiences in different leadership positions from different perspectives- concluding that the fundamental requirements of the roles are always the same”

“We have been able to communicate effectively with peers from different schools discussing our communal interests and also different takes on leadership”