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Robotics competitions

CLSG students at robotics competition

Last Thursday, CLSG hosted the VEX IQ City of London invitational robotics competition. 20 teams of robots accompanied by students from CLSG, COLPAI and the Aldgate School competed in over 70 rounds of friendly robotics matches, before being awarded in various categories, such as teamwork, robot skills and excellence. A huge well done to all the teams that took part!

John Phelps, Teacher of Physics


Last Saturday, our robotics teams attended the SLBS Winter Regional Competition in Canterbury. Our year 11 team competed in their second season of robotics, whilst our new year 10 team were making their first appearance! Both teams worked extremely well, managing to win various matches despite having a few setbacks along the way. All in all, we learnt a lot from this fun day.

Tara and Isabella, year 10