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The ARTiculation prize

CLSG students at the ARTiculation prize

Last Thursday, our year 12 art class visited the Royal Academy of Arts to attend the ARTticulation prize competition. During this annual competition, students are invited to choose a work of art on which to deliver a 10 minute presentation. Among the nine talented speakers was Artemis in year 12, who we were enthusiastically supporting from the audience. Each participant offered a unique and imaginative perspective on their chosen subject; topics ranged from in-depth analyses of iconic paintings like 'The Two Fridas' to explorations of the architectural significance of certain buildings. The presentations were adjudicated by the renowned painter Humphrey Ocean, who selected a student to progress to the next round. The event was an amazing showcase of the participants' incredible talent, and the tea and biscuits provided were definitely an added bonus! Overall, it was a very memorable experience, and we left the event with a new insight into conceptual art.

Zoe, year 12