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Oh crêpe!

Collage of CLSG students homemade crepes

C'etait delicieux!  Members of year 8 were delighted to participate in a contour de crepes a couple of weeks ago. Year 8s Sophie and Eva described it as "a fun and messy experience, definitely one to remember! We can say for sure we learnt something new. Flipping the pancakes was 100% the best part, even if it was risky. We both took a different perspective on the challenge, with Sophie making a pancake platter with fresh fruit, and Eva a crêpe tower with handmade jam. The experience was a great way to combine French with other skills. Au revoir!" 

Eva won the main prize, and the runners up were Poppy, Ariana, Isabella, Sofia and Francesca.

Eva was delighted to have won the main prize. "I really enjoyed making them and overall it was an extremely fun experience. I also learnt about La Chandeleur and its meaning. Even though it used to be a Christian holiday, it later became known as ‘jour des Crêpes’ and was then celebrated by everyone. On my crêpe I added some Nutella and powdered sugar as a topping.​"