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Lights, curtains, action!

CLSG students taking part in house drama

Just before half term, our annual house drama competition took place. A huge thank you to our year 11s, who wrote, directed, and coordinated performances on the theme of reflection. A huge well done to everyone involved, and congratulations to Ward for their well-deserved win! Between performances, the senior committee enjoyed providing comedic relief, through an eclectic mix of stand-up comedy, hilarious anecdotes, and hidden talents. The greatest hidden talent, however, came from our special 'guest judge'. Under the alias of the elusive and prestigious Professor Pinkbottom OBE, and hidden behind a fake moustache, it was revealed that the guest judge was our previous director of drama, Mr Whyld! Ending with a singalong, the warmth and buzz of the room was palpable.

Ella, year 13