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Lauriston Lights partnership with CLS and CLSG

Laurison Lights partnership event group photo with CLS and CLSG

On Saturday 7 May, fourteen pupils from CLSG and CLS welcomed eighteen year 7 pupils from Bow School to City of London School for a student-led morning of fantastic activities as part of our partnership with the charity, Lauriston Lights. Pupils from CLS and CLSG have worked together over the past few months to design sessions on sustainability and student journalism which they led with confidence, skill and enthusiasm. Pupils from Bow School were highly engaged in the sessions, which featured opportunities to learn about recycling through a competitive rubbish sort and to write persuasively about topics of their interest. Pupils were especially impressed by the recent CLSG clothes swap and really enjoyed being supported and guided by the older pupils, who were a credit to the school. We look forward to further developing a meaningful partnership with the charity Lauriston Lights.