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Bryanston summer school

Bryanston summer school drama performance

Over the summer holidays, we went to Ancient Greek summer school at Bryanston School. We spent two weeks reading famous Ancient Greek texts such as Euripides’ Trojan Women and Homer’s Odyssey. We did not spend the whole time working, since there were many enriching activities such as the opportunity to take part in Argos - which Georgiana and Ningfei starred in - as well as a concert and themed parties at the end of each week. We met lots of new people who are just as passionate about Classics as we are. It was incredibly helpful for us in terms of taking our Greek to the next level. It is a great summer school for people from beginner to advanced level of Greek, and we highly recommend attending!

Ningfei, Georgiana, Amelia, Lola, Amelie and Sylvie, year 13