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Primary summer school

CLSG students primary summer school for partner schools

We are delighted to share the success of our second primary summer school, which was attended by pupils from our four partner primary schools within the City of London family of schools. This three-day event is created and led in collaboration with City of London School.

Over the course of the three days, pupils in year 4 were immersed in numeracy and literacy sessions. Mr Tibbits led a fascinating session where pupils handled and investigated a range of animal skulls. The group also spent a day at Guildhall working with an archaeologist, handling artefacts and using drama to bring the remains of the Roman amphitheatre to life. In the afternoon, pupils worked with a professional artist to explore the work on display and develop their critical views, before creating their own collaborative art work reflecting on what London means to them. It was truly a joy to see pupils share what they had learned across the three days with their families.

Laura Hynes, Director of Partnerships