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And the Oscar goes to…

Group photo of CLSG students and Jenny Brown on a City girls in arts trip

Last week year 9 girls put their filmmaking skills to the test with a one day film school. In the morning, they learned some essentials, including film history, fight choreography, camera work and screenwriting. In the afternoon, pupils took the Ten Shot Challenge, which involved creating a short two-minute film based on a classic narrative for screening at the end of the day. Pupils self-allocated a role within their film crew (writer, director, producer, screenwriter, actors). Most advertisements take several months to make, so the challenge of making a successful short film in just ninety minutes can be daunting. However, the groups jelled exceptionally well, showing great leadership and teamwork, and no-one missed the deadline.  It was then time for the VIP judges (Mrs Brown, Young Film Academy representatives) to decide which film would win the Best Picture Oscar…The standard was very high, so it was a tough decision... in the end it was awarded to ‘Rainbow, My Love’ -  an engaging, entertaining story which was technically superb: the judges were particularly impressed by the excellent performances, skilled scripting and high standard of camerawork, editing and sound design. You can watch the winning film here.