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A dramatic journey: GCSE and A Level drama

Year 13 CLSG students performing drama piece

Our year 11 drama students put on three plays, each performed in a ‘verbatim theatre’ style inspired by a theatre company called Paper Birds. Their productions were the culmination of a lot of hard work, including lockdown rehearsals over MS Teams – a less than ideal medium for conversation, let alone practical drama!

Year 13s Kitty, Rose, and Zara, meanwhile, performed a bloody Greek tragedy, based on the myth of Philomela and Procne. Cleverly combatting one of the difficulties of all-female productions, they manipulated the staging such that petite Rosa always appeared above the other characters in physical space, allowing her to convincingly embody a large male character. Unable to perform at all last year, with all other practical components of their course cancelled, these three have certainly had a dramatic experience, if not the anticipated kind. We are hugely proud of their efforts.

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