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2024 bursary appeal

Cover of the 2024 Bursary Appeal

We have just posted our 2024 bursary appeal and are delighted by the generous responses we’ve already received.  As the school’s financial year draws to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made a gift this year!

It is the collective generosity of our community that allows us to offer 100 bursaries at City and you know we’re ambitious to do more.    In 2024 we’re aiming to raise funds to cover two new bursaries as a step towards our goal of supporting 20% of the student body with a bursary before we reach our 140th anniversary.

If you might be able to help us with some matched giving as part of our anniversary celebrations in June, please email Kate Eberwein.  We’re aiming to celebrate the anniversary of City, itself an act of philanthropy, with some fundraising challenges and we would appreciate help!

If making a gift before the end of the financial year is relevant and you would like to support City’s bursary fund now, please visit this link. Every gift makes a difference – we really appreciate your ongoing generosity and commitment to having an egalitarian community at City!