1960s photo of CLSG pupils visiting the Barbican building site


Did you know that City owes its very existence to a legacy gift?

When William Ward died in 1881 his will left one third of his estate to the Corporation of London for the express creation of a high school for girls to mirror ‘as far as may be practical’ the City of London School.

This tremendous desire to help thousands of people he would never know has seen City grow from 53 young women in 1894 to over 700 students today. Never standing still, we’ve moved across the Square Mile, been evacuated twice due to war, taught students virtually during a pandemic and educated countless girls from all walks of life.

How leaving a gift in your will makes a difference

If you choose to leave a gift to City in your will, every pound given will be used to enable access for talented girls who would otherwise be unable to afford a place to study here. They will, in turn become the City alumnae of tomorrow, changing the world in the way our current alumnae do every day.

Investing in a talented City student means helping a bright young person become the best version of herself, someone who will make change in her field, whether that’s climate change, academia, medicine, music, justice or a role that doesn’t yet exist today.

Once you have provided for your family and loved ones, deciding to remember City in your will means you’ll be choosing a lifechanging gift. It could end up being the most transformative gift you’ll ever make!

If you have any questions about legacies at City, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Eberwein, Head of Development on eberweink@clsg.org.uk or 0207 847 5576. Alternatively, complete our online form here. All enquiries will be treated with confidence, according to your wishes.

1899 CLSG students in costume for 'Twelfth Night'
CLSG alumnae – group photograph of the class of 1964 on roof overlooking the City of London

Further specifics about leaving a legacy to City

Making a gift in your will

It’s important to make a will, not least to avoid the difficulties that may arise for loved ones if you die without one. Below, please find some of the key elements you will need to consider, if you are considering leaving a legacy gift to City of London School for Girls. We strongly suggest that you consult a solicitor for further information as the information below is not intended to replace professional advice.

What kind of legacy can I leave to City?

All gifts to City are used to support the City of London School for Girls Bursary Fund (registered charity number 276251). Gifts in your will typically fall into four categories:

A residuary legacy is a share of your estate. This is typically a percentage of what remains once your loved ones are provided for. From just 1% of your estate, you can help City move closer to our goal of needs-blind admission!

A pecuniary legacy is a fixed sum of money. You can choose to leave any amount, but since inflation reduces its value, you may wish to review the gift from time to time. You can also index link a pecuniary legacy to ensure it keeps its value in line with inflation. For instance, in 2023, a gift of £10,000 could provide 7 years of music lessons for a bursary student. A gift of £80,000 when combined with matched funding could provide a transformational 7 year bursary! Please do get in touch with us if you would like further examples of the impact of giving a pecuniary legacy.

A reversionary legacy allows a beneficiary such as a spouse or a dependent to benefit from your assets during their lifetime, such as living in your house, with all or part of the assets passing to City’s bursary fund on their death. This provides peace of mind that a loved one’s interests will be protected in their lifetime.

You can leave a gift of a particular item such as property, shares or even City memorabilia. You can also designate City’s bursary fund as a beneficiary in your pension.

How we will recognise your gift

A gift in your will is possibly the most personal gift you will ever make and we would love to celebrate your generosity. However we also know that all philanthropy is personal, and we are happy to be guided by your wishes in this matter. Please contact Kate Eberwein, Head of Development on eberweink@clsg.org.uk or 0207 847 5576 if you have any questions.